At the heart of Kolab is the ability to communicate with ease and reliability. Its powerful email, contact management and file storage services are the foundations of this.


Contacts are an organization's social network. Kolab provides the tools to collect, organize and share contact information efficiently.


Save and share files from wherever you are with Kolab's integrated file cloud service.


Whether an organization has a flat hierarchy or a complex network of companies with overlapping teams, keeping people in step with each other while staying on top of their own agendas is easier than ever with Kolab.


Ensure that even the busiest people in your organization retain full control over their agendas with ease.


Maintain an overview of tasks to significantly improve both individual and team workflow.


Organizing ideas in a searchable, shareable knowledgebase brings common note taking to a whole new level.


Collaboration and teamwork are core competencies in today's agile business world. Kolab's powerful scheduling, sharing and resource management tools help people work together more effectively.


To collaborate, people need to be in sync with each other's agendas. Kolab makes this not just easy, but a pleasure.


Make the best use of organizational resources such as meeting rooms, car pools and equipment with the help of Kolab's resource management.


Kolab allows people to collaborate in confidence no matter where they are. On mobile devices, from the desktop, or over the web, Kolab keeps people connected to their data and each other.


Kolab provides a feature-rich native client for the desktop OS of your choice.


Universal access via the web browser.



A collaboration suite should work seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure rather than dictate it. Kolab is built to be integrated with file storage, directory service, mail delivery systems and other assets that may already be in place.


Data loss prevention, eDiscovery and business intelligence all share a common requirement: real-time event logging and data retention.


In our highly connected world, it has become clear that the security and design of IT infrastructure is critical to the safety of your data. Kolab has been engineered from the ground up for security and reliability in order to meet those requirements.