From one to 100,000 calendars, view any number of individual and shared calendars in a singled, streamlined agenda. Color-coding makes it clear which events belong to which calendar, while the QuickView feature allows the user to zoom in on a single calendar (and return) with just one click. Day, week, month and agenda views are all there and easy to switch between.


Calendars can be shared between users with fine-grained access control, allowing peers to coordinate easily, personal assistants to help with time management and team leaders to keep an overview of their team's schedule. 


Attendees for events are notified by email and their responses are automatically recorded in the original calendar entry. When creating events between users on the same Kolab installation, the integrated free/busy interface makes it easy to find a workable time slot even before sending out invites. The free/busy display also respects access controls, showing more detail when allowed and simply showing "free" or "busy" when not.  Thanks to special calendars that show open and declined invitations, users can also stay on top of their appointments even as they are changing.

Search and Tagging

Locating shared calendars is easy with the integrated calendar search; even with tens of thousands of calendars finding, viewing and subscribing to calendars takes mere moments. Individual events can also be found quickly with the full text search which looks at attendees, location, time and comments. Events may also be tagged and filtered using Kolab's unified tagging system, allowing the same tags to be used with emails, tasks, notes, etc. The QuickView feature allows one to quickly focus on a specific calendar by temporarily hiding events from other calendars.


No matter where people are, they always have access to their schedules with Kolab. In addition to access via the Kolab Web Application as well as native desktop clients, calendars can be synchronized with the standard calendar applications on most mobile devices. Thanks to the use of widely adopted open standards, Kolab is also compatible with many 3rd party calendar and scheduling applications in the app stores.