Wherever people go, they need to stay in touch. The humble addressbook is the cornerstone for communication, and Kolab has them on steroids.


Users can have any number of addressbooks and organize them hierarchically. Extensive support for contact details is provided, covering both the common needs such as addresses and phone numbers as well as birthdays and free-form notes. Contacts can be organized into multiple groups which can also be used as mailing lists. Individual contacts or entire addressbooks can be both exported and imported quickly and easily.


Adressbooks can be shared between users with fine-grained access control. When an addressbook is shared, contact groups are also shared making it easy for users to set up and share mailing lists.

Infrastructure Integration

Kolab has powerful directory service integration. Directory services can be used as a Global Address List available to all users who can then quickly search directories of virtually any size. Even LDAP directories with several hundred thousand contacts in complex organizational units can be searched in realtime.


Users can access their contacts on mobile devices ensuring that they are always within reach of their personal network no matter where they are. Kolab addressbooks integrate directly with the native addressbook on most devices for the best possible user experience.