Kolab can be configured to provide real-time event logging and data retention in a secure and reliable manner.

Companies and public bodies around the world face daunting requirements to retain business records, guarantee their integrity, and make them available for audit on occasion. And sometimes, there is a strong requirement to get answers quickly. Kolab understands these requirements and integrates a sub-system which allows its customers to store relevant information on communication and interaction, and make it available to future auditors in a fast and efficient way, so the auditor can complete their task in minimum time.

This system is also set up for limited user interaction, so users can get answers to questions which normally would require them to go through administrative staff. A typical usage scenario would be to allow users to obtain the change log of an event they have access to – so they can see who changed what and when.

And lastly this system can be set up by our consultants to provide you with beyond state of the art Data Leakage and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) through a variety of automated and manual approaches which ensure data remains safe and sound where it belongs.