Online file storage is a key collaboration tool in the enterprise, so it is only natural that Kolab provides an integrated file cloud service. Files in Kolab's file cloud can be saved from and attached to emails, events, tasks and notes. They may even be accessed directly from a computer's file manager.


Users can share folders with others with fine-grained access control. Once shared, the folder and its contents show up immediately in the other users' file listings. Files that are sent by email between users remain in the file cloud preventing unecessary copying and signficantly increasing performance of sending large files to multiple recipients.

Zero Configuration

Setting up shared file storage has never been easier. In the default configuration, Kolab provides a file store that uses the internal IMAP-based storage system that is immediately accessible to all users allowing them to store, retrieve and share files immediately. This system supports enhanced access control and is easy to backup along with the rest of the data hosted by Kolab.

Infrastructure Integration

Kolab can also integrate with existing file storage and document management systems. In addition to the default zero-configuration storage, Kolab also ships with support for the Seafile open source cloud storage system. Support for other systems can easily be added via plugins, and Kolab Systems is available to do the integration work required to meet your organization's specific needs.