Designed for the Cloud before it even got its name: Kolab was built to scale horizontally or vertically, seamlessly, and without crutches.


Many applications found themselves in the Cloud much to the surprise of their original developers. Cloud middleware technologies allow to deploy such applications and can address many of the shortcomings in terms of scalability. The price to pay is added complexity, technological dependency, and a larger attack surface. The architects of Kolab Enterprise have avoided these shortcomings: Kolab Enterprise is native to the Cloud.


Kolab Enterprise comes with a proven set of technologies that were carefully selected or built for for security, enterprise readiness, supportability and technological quality. These components are inter-connected through networked protocols that are fully Open Standards and can be secured with all means available. Every component of a Kolab Enterprise deployment can be individually replaced by another, functionally equivalent component.

Mix and match

Components that are routinely swapped out for specific installations are the directory service, web servers, data bases, the mail transport agent (MTA) or the IMAP server used. Where organisational knowledge and confidence exists for a particular component, even where that component is not part of default Kolab Enterprise, these components can generally be used and supplemented to grow existing infrastructures into Kolab Enterprise deployments.

Virtualize & Containerize

Deploy in virtualized infrastructures, or on bare metal. In modern containers, or on cloud middleware. Kolab Enterprise can excel in any of these scenarios, and our orchestration experts will be happy to assist you in fitting Kolab into your infrastructure.

Backup & Restore

Kolab Enterprise follows a Not Only SQL (NoSQL) approach of data storage that allows it to be backed up with virtually any backup solution already in use. Object granular backup and restore are guaranteed with any system, avoiding complex, time intensive, and error prone SQL data base backups and restores to retrieve individual objects. Although you may not get to enjoy this benefit as Kolab Enterprise also comes with an undo function that covers 95% of all cases where other systems require restore.