Resources are there to be shared and Kolab makes that easier by providing the tools necessary to maintain oversight of those resources while making it easy for individuals to book resources along with others in the organization.


When creating events and inviting others to them, users can also book resources by inviting that resource to the event. Seeing which resources are available is accomplished using standard free/busy information, making it easy to see when a resource is available and when someone else has already claimed it.

Resource Pools

Resources can be listed and booked individually with Kolab, but resources often exist in pools such as company car fleets, meeting rooms, overhead projectors, etc. These resources can be represented as a pool in Kolab allowing peopel to book "a meeting room" or "a car" and having an item from the pool automatically selected and scheduled for them. Existing reservations can even be automatically adjusted as needed to free up resources to fulfill new requests that come in. This simplifies both management and booking tasks by automating many of the details and giving people the power to help themselves.


Administration duties for a resource can be assigned to specific users, allowing for greater oversight and more hands-on management of resources. Maintaining lists of resources and pools is made easy through the web-based Kolab administration application.