If Kolab had a mantra it would be this: make it possible to share anything, anytime with anyone. This empowers individuals to come together as teams, formally or informally, and collaborate with each other effectively.

Access Control

Whenever something is shared in Kolab, the person doing the sharing can define fine grained access controls including who can read,  write, delete, insert, annotate, adminstrate and more. This allows people to share valuable resources such as personal calendars without fear of others altering them in unwanted ways. When people are more confident about such things, they share more often with more people, boosting collaboration.

(Almost) Anything

The list of things that can be shared between individuals, groups or the entire organization in Kolab is extensive: calendars, invitations, address books, mailing lists, notebooks, ToDos, email folders, files, journals, resources ... Kolab connects people by enabling them to share what they need when they need to.


Since these sharing features are built into Kolab's very core, seeing share email, calendars, files and more works from any device that can access Kolab data. The Kolab Web Application and desktop applications make the process of sharing easy to get to whenever needed.