With Kolab, people can keep an overview of their tasks with unprecedented overview and management tools. 


Users can manage simple ToDo lists as well as engage in the full GettingThingsDone (GTD) methodology. The built-in scheduling makes it easy to keep track of which tasks are overdue and which are coming up next. Tasks may also recur over time as well as have sub-tasks. The overview interface keeps things flowing, even with large numbers of tasks in the queue.

Search and Tagging

The full-text search makes finding tasks easy, even across multiple task lists. Tasks may also be tagged and filtered using Kolab's unified tagging system which allows the same tags to be used on emails, events, notes, etc. The QuickView feature allows one to quickly focus on a specific task list without having to disable (and then later re-enable) all the other task lists in use.


Task lists can be shared between users with fine-grained access control, allowing for read-only as well as write access. Tasks may also be delegated to others. Using these features, team leaders can easily monitor progress and identify redundancies, while team members can coordinate their efforts more easily.