Kolab Enterprise 14 Released with Advanced Tagging and Notes

Following a month of usage at a group of pre-selected customers, Kolab Systems is happy to announce general availability for Kolab Enterprise 14. This latest feature release of Kolab Enterprise will be supported until 2019 and packs a whole set of new capabilities including tags, notes, better resource management, task delegation capabilities, usability improvements for deployments with very large numbers of shared groupware folders and much more.

Furthermore Kolab Systems is happy to once again extend the list of supported platforms to include Enterprise Linux 7 and Debian 7.0 "Wheezy". This release is accompanied by the launch of the brand new web site kolabenterprise.com to go hand in hand with kolabsystems.com.


Kolab Enterprise 14 is officially taking the place of Kolab Enterprise 13 as our flag ship product, but Kolab Enterprise 13 will of course remain under support until 2018 for customers that depend upon it. Like the previous edition, Kolab Enterprise 14 comes with superior architectural and security features, including Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for state of the art Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) on all supported platforms. Supported platforms for Kolab Enterprise 14 are:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or equivalent) 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or equivalent) 7
  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4
  • Debian 7 ("Wheezy")

Knowledge, Not (Just) Data

Many of the new features for Kolab Enterprise 14 make use of the new capabilities to semantically connect data objects. This allows the integration of email, events, tasks and the new notes objects into an organisational knowledge base that enables connections: notes can be attached to emails which show up as links in the note, emails can be converted to tasks or calendar events preserving the connection to the original mail.


Users of Kolab Enterprise 13 will also notice substantial usability improvements alongside a new skin for the Kolab Web Application to complement the new Kolab identity launched 15 January 2015. Especially cross-folder search and tagging will be immediately evident to experienced users. We also suggest to try out the new groupware folder navigation which combines favourites and quick search to allow fast and user friendly navigation even in the most complex environments with hundreds of thousands of shared calendars or task lists.

Next to improvements in the area of resource administration and booking, the biggest improvement is without doubt the "quick view" feature which allows to switch to a different (set of) calendars or user(s) and back to back to your standard productivity setup with a single click.

Discover & Upgrade

Still using Kolab Enterprise 13 or an earlier version of Kolab? Want the new set of features? Talk to our technical support about how and when to upgrade. Everyone else is invited to discover the new Kolab Enterprise 14 for themselves in our demo instance. Users on Univention Corporate Server are invited to follow our instructions. Packages for the Univention App Center will be announced separately.

Kolab Now Is Next

Next in roll-out of the new visual identity will be MyKolab.com which will become Kolab Now. In addition we will also be updating all users to Kolab Enterprise 14 and all its new features. Naturally all domains, accounts and devices will continue to work as before, and we'll provide you with additional information.