We maintain a dedicated demonstration instance of the current edition of Kolab Enterprise. Feel free to create a trial account for yourself but please take note of the restrictions and limitations below.

After entering your details in the above form, you can log in to the web client with your chosen user name and password at demo.kolabenterprise.com/apps. You can also connect to this server with desktop clients using the following settings.

  • IMAP Server: demo.kolabenterprise.com Port: 143 Encryption: TLS
  • SMTP Server: demo.kolabenterprise.com Port: 587 Encryption: TLS
  • CalDAV and CardDAV Server: demo.kolabenterprise.com
  • WebDAV Server: demo.kolabenterprise.com
  • ActiveSync Server: demo.kolabenterprise.com

The Kolab Community is maintaining instructions for how to connect various desktop programs to Kolab. Please see these instructions for connecting your favorite program.


Please note that this is a demonstration instance of Kolab Enterprise. Because Kolab Enterprise is a very flexible solution, much of its behaviour can be configured. This demonstration instance represents one possible configuration, and has been set up with minimal privacy protection, and on limited resource.

Please be aware that it is possible for you to disclose your identity and data to third parties on the system. So if you do not wish to disclose your trying Kolab Enterprise, you should not use your real name and affiliation. Furthermore use of actual private or production data on this system is strongly discouraged and Kolab Systems accepts no liability for unwanted disclosure.

Please be aware that registration is valid for a total of seven (7) days. 

Test accounts will be automatically deleted without prior warning after and data will be wiped periodically.

If you want to do a full evaluation for a corporate installation we will gladly assist you with a dedicated demo server or proof of concept installation. Please request a consultation and our staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Questions or Problems?

If you have further questions or problems with the demonstration instance please get in touch.

Our sales team will also gladly provide you with a quotation that corresponds to your situation and requirements. Please let us know your requirements and interests by requesting a consultation and we will provide you with your quotation and offer.